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Capitol Hill Block Party ’11 – kaboom.

May 18, 2011

Call it accessibility, and ignore the lack of big names found at Sasquatch or Bumbershoot.  Doe Bay is rad, but camping costs suck and the drive to the San Juans are included.  Capitol Hill Block Party always turns out to be the highlight of my summer.  Situated in the depths of July, CHBP showcases the juggernauts with a side of our hometown heroes.  This year, unsurprisingly the local hipster hiphop is fully represented with Mad Rad, Fresh Espresso, and Champagne Champagne.  Yes, big names TV of the Radio, Ghostland Observatory, and Explosions in the Sky will be present for everyone stuck in 2008. But thankfully there will be a strong representation of acts worth diverting yourself away from the main stage. Towards the bottom of the lineup be sure to check out local hipgazers Yuni in Taxco, Seapony, and Craft Spells.  CHBP veterans Boat and Akimbo will thankfully be keeping it real for all the haters as well.  In middle school I remember seeing the Blood Brothers and Minus the Bear for FREE! at CHBP, so it’s flabbergasting to see how the party has grown since then.

MP3: Craft Spells // Scandinavian Crush

MP3: Yuni in Taxco // Nasty and Mean

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