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breakfasasquatch 2011, son.

April 13, 2011

Gripe haters, but while you’ve been complaining and updating your last posts on SXSW, we’ve been regrinding.  Epic playlist time has dropped on The Breakfast Driver in a whole new way, Sassy style. Sasquatch has had some real epic moments, for example the solo dancer that sparked the lawn trot of 2009 (to Santigold though, which is a real boner jam). There has also been some epic catastrophes as well, for example the hail storm of 2006.  Or, perhaps if your pretentious dissatisfaction wasn’t fulfilled with this years lineup just look at past headliners (Coldplay, Ben Harper, and Jack Johnson) to remind yourself that you were never part of the drunken debauchery of the campground, and by hating on Sasquatch you are somehow a greater music lover than the rest of us.  Haters, yes I may have locked my keys in the ignition of my car along with the tickets in 2007. But hey, at least I made it to the campground to borrow a hammer from a smashed Canadian to bash the window, only to get into the venue shortly after.  Haters, it’s not too late to escape your submission to complete subordinate chromewave, put a bird on it self identity ascriptions.  Here are some acts from this year’s sassy.

Beach House // Zebra (Sunday)

Cotton Jones // Gotta Cheer Up (Sunday)

Basia Bulat // The Shore (Sunday)

The Drums // Me and the Moon (Sunday)

Villagers // The Meaning of the Ritual (Sunday)

Death From Above 1979 // Going Steady (Friday)

Pepper Rabbit // Babette! (Saturday)

Love Vigilantes // Iron & Wine (Saturday)

Dan Mangan // Road Regrets (Saturday)

Washed Out feat. Caroline Polachek // You and I (Saturday)

Jenny and Johnny // Scissor Runner (Saturday)

Sleigh Bells // Crown On The Ground (Saturday)

Head Like a Kite // Directors Cut (Monday)

Twin Shadow // I Can’t Wait (Monday)

Wavves // King of the Beach (Monday)

Villagers // The Meaning of the Ritual (Sunday)

Other Lives // Black Tables (Sunday)

Archers of Loaf // Smoking Pot in the Hot City (Sunday)

Flying Lotus // Computer Face Pure Being (Sunday)

Talkdemonic // Duality of Deathening (Sunday)

The Decemberists // June Hymn (Sunday)

Wye Oak // Fish (Saturday)

Noah and the Whale // Life is Life (Monday)

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