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2011 is going to the ladies.

January 3, 2011

Like any good holiday, where drinking is not only expected it is required, the new year means 2 things: 1) You can begin using the excuse “Yeah well… that was last year” and 2) There is always new music to look forward to.  If I can forecast any common theme (at least for the beginning of the year), 2011 will be the year of the female artist.  Through a small, naive examination of this claim one can see the emergence of bands simply named Girls, and Women having huge success.  On a more elaborate, still naive examination, the prevalence of the female artist is becoming more identifiable.  For example take the excitement for Braid‘s Native Speaker, or the dominance of Besty Coasty in the chillwave (or surf shoegaze, or whatever you want to dub it) sub-genre, or the buzz surrounding bands like Tennis, No Joy, and Alessi’s Ark (errr sort of).  It might just be my random observation after looking for new music recently, only to find that every band I have looked further into has a front-woman. So lets celebrate people, the Smoosh girls are legal, the National Book Award just went to Patti Smith, and Cat Power has announced her winter west coast tour dates.  Below is video of Lemolo, a female duo who is opening for The Head and The Heart at Nuemos on Jan. 14th, and below that is a cut by a female led band called Beach Combers who provides an anthem to our female foreshadow.

Mp3:  Beach Combers – The Things That I Would Do to You

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