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Goodbye The Dutchess & The Duke

December 14, 2010

Farewell shows are always bittersweet.  Sometimes it’s easier to simply see a band fall apart, in disagreement, or see members move to different cities or directions without notifying their followers of their decisions.  For music lovers, the older you get the more you’ll need the bands you once listened to.  The Dutchess and The Duke (RIP) played their final show at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard on 11/26.  Black Lightning accompanied me to the show, I even recall him purchasing the tickets the night before (thanks bruh!).  Yukon Blonde, the majestic Canadian rock pop quartet put everyone in a dusty western happy go lucky mood before Ziskis‘ humor made everyone want another drink.  After much anticipation for TDATD to take the stage they rose on the median-bench that separated the bar from the crowd.  With wine stained lips and no mic they welcomed the audience’s help to amplify the lyrics.  Below is an Mp3 of their hit cut “Reservoir Park”, pictures I took from the show, and their video for their cut “Mary” for everyone uninformed of their past glory.  Check out Whale In A Cubicle for more on their farewell show.

Mp3:  Reservoir Park – The Dutchess & The Duke


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