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Bazan Dec. SEA House Shows

December 14, 2010

This Friday (12/17) and Sunday (12/19) David Bazan will be playing two house shows in Seattle.  Go here RIGHT NOW! to buy tickets. This is why:

For the past two years David Bazan has taken his act beyond the stage and into the living rooms and patios of select fans. Key word: select.  The shows started as an alternative way for David to play shows and earn money without overplaying himself and upsetting his label.  Lets be real, kids get expensive and he has two.  First in order to know of the house shows you have to be a tedious follower of either his twitter,  facebook, or website because the shows will sell out fast.  The 1st Bazan house show I attended was in his hometown of Edmonds, WA where the tickets sold out in a matter of hours.  When purchasing your ticket you don’t know whose house it’s at, only the city, date, and time.  After purchasing your tickets you receive an email from Undertow, giving you the location of the host’s house and their contact information incase you didn’t already have a smart phone to give you directions.  As you can see it is a grueling process to see the act, but I promise you it is entirely worth it.

The shows are BYOB, which makes them more fun than any dry show ever is.  I remember the 2nd Bazan house show I went to in Woodinville, WA there was a couple that brought wine and bread for everyone.  In true post indie rock form it is accustomed to bring PBR tallboys or some craft beer that you might claim no one has ever drank before, but to each their own.  Bazan will play with no mic (what is with this no mic fad? look here for more), his acoustic, literally in the living room of the host while everyone else lounges on the couch and takes in the fleeting moments of the unforgettable show style. Below are photos I took from the house show I went to in Edmonds, WA in May of ’09. But seriously, go buy your ticket right now.

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