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kicking different buttons, still chance.

August 28, 2011

I use to write about music, at least I use to think I wrote about music. my old band excommunicated me after I went to brooklyn for a couple weeks. my interview at the big radio station went horribly wrong. I wasted all my money on drinks at shows, shows, and taking girls to shows that I would otherwise go to by myself.

With kicking buttons I am going to move onto film and other culture.


lisa dank

June 6, 2011

Behold the Seattle DIY sex popstar goddess Lisa Dank.  Unleashing relentless positive vibrations is the name of the game amidst an electro/power-pop backdrop of lovers jams.  Miss Dank will be playing at the Havana Social Club on June 8, Chop Suey June 12, the Fred Wildlife Refuge June 23, Comet Tavern July 8, and at Volume on July 14.  Respect is due for anyone rhyming “morning weed and morning wood I love you” and “you are skeeting, I’m retreating,” so everyone… holler at your girl.

Mp3: What You Need (ft. Sunni Colo̬n & Lisa Dank)

witch gardens

June 5, 2011

Catchy low-fi 4 piece from Seattle.  Witch Gardens will be playing the Funhouse on June 24th and Capitol Hill Block Party on July 23rd.  They have the ideal package, cute indie girls, simplistic approach, and a “beach” song. Wouldn’t be surprised if they had a cat fascination or a fixy.

Mp3: i wanna get sick

Mp3: shelly

Folklife’s Indie Roots at Center Square

May 26, 2011

So you are missing Sasquatch this weekend, and you are looking for ways to make your weekend a little less meaningless.  Thankfully for the Puget Sound residents that like their live music to be provided on the cheap there is always the option of the Northwest Folklife Festival.  At folklife you won’t get Esurance and Jack Links marketing rats handing out useless swag. When I was in my wholesome youth I recall walking barefoot with a half-dreaded mop top looking for every booth with free samples, and yes such folk still make it back every year.  Folklife is free, that means you don’t have to pay anything, free, yes I know, I said free. This year, Indie Roots at Center Square will be provide the most consistent line up.  Led to Sea, who will be traveling to the Music Hall of Williamsburg next month is a gem to check out on Friday. Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets, is the Saturday must see as they take experimental indie pop to new horizons. Don’t go on Sunday unless you want be lulled into a deep slow folk inspired sleep.  Yuni in Taxco, who recently played KEXP’s Hood to Hood show at the Sunset in Ballard will be closing things up for the weekend on Monday.

my sasquatch in festival posters.

May 26, 2011

Monday, Monday!, Monday!! As a 5th year Sasquatcher I’m continually trying to find new ways to rekindle my excitement for what use to be my most anticipated weekend of the year. As an aging bag of bones 1 day will be enough to fuel my festivity fix until Capitol Hill Block Party.  In no particular order, here is my Memorial Day in festival posters.  Click on the image to go to the band’s site.

Capitol Hill Block Party ’11 – kaboom.

May 18, 2011

Call it accessibility, and ignore the lack of big names found at Sasquatch or Bumbershoot.  Doe Bay is rad, but camping costs suck and the drive to the San Juans are included.  Capitol Hill Block Party always turns out to be the highlight of my summer.  Situated in the depths of July, CHBP showcases the juggernauts with a side of our hometown heroes.  This year, unsurprisingly the local hipster hiphop is fully represented with Mad Rad, Fresh Espresso, and Champagne Champagne.  Yes, big names TV of the Radio, Ghostland Observatory, and Explosions in the Sky will be present for everyone stuck in 2008. But thankfully there will be a strong representation of acts worth diverting yourself away from the main stage. Towards the bottom of the lineup be sure to check out local hipgazers Yuni in Taxco, Seapony, and Craft Spells.  CHBP veterans Boat and Akimbo will thankfully be keeping it real for all the haters as well.  In middle school I remember seeing the Blood Brothers and Minus the Bear for FREE! at CHBP, so it’s flabbergasting to see how the party has grown since then.

MP3: Craft Spells // Scandinavian Crush

MP3: Yuni in Taxco // Nasty and Mean

4.20 Breakfast Driver

April 20, 2011

Many see today as a notable national holiday, and because today was the Breakfast Driver… we do too.  Here are the jams for the week.  Some bands to note would be Seapony the Hardly Art Seattle trio.  They are opening for the Pains of Being Pure at Heart at The Crocodile this friday.  And Royal Bangs who will be playing the Belltower in Pullman this Saturday.

Fleet Foxes // Helplessness Blues

Seapony // Dreaming

The Head and the Heart // No One To Let You Down

Tame Impala // Solitude is Bliss

Don Ho // Who Is The Lolo Who Stole My Pakalolo?

The Kills // Satellite

Jonny // Wich is Wich

Royal Bangs // Fireball

I’m From Barcelona // Always Spring

tUnE-yArDs // Powa

Little Joy // The Next Time Around

South // Paint the Silence

Crystal Skulls // Hussy

LAKE // Roger Miller

Billie Holiday // Strange Fruit

Gathered Ghost // Love Is Strange

Deerhoof // Hey I Can

Bibio // Excuses

A Lull // Some Love

Last Friday, Z and I had the pleasure of finally making The Breakfast Driver. Which of course as everyone should know as the morning drink that creeps under your skin and curdles in your stomach.  Heres how to make your morning as enjoyable as ours.  Cheers.

1 shot bacon flavored vodka

8 oz. oranges juice

4 tablespoon syrup